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BLARRION CORPORATION is the Tecniagrex S.A., Banacalm S.A., Frutical S.A. and Krasnaya S.A. headquarters led by Engineer Manuel Blacio Castillo who initially ventured into the agricultural field selling and producing bananas for more than 15 years.

The goal of our company is to promote the business nationally and internationally. We have our own fincas in constant production in the cities Machala, Sta. Rosa, El Guabo, Pasaje and Península de Santa Elena, all of them tecnically equipped and advised; spacious and modern facilities to keep excellence in production; meeting production, handling, environmental and social standards by which certifications such as Global gap, BSCI and Agrocalidad were obtained.

Since 2009 our brands are present in international fairs in Berlin, Russia and Egipt.

In 2007 we started our first exports to markets in Albania – Saudi Arabia – Argentina – Bulgaria – Chile – China – Egipt – Slovenia – United States – Holland – Jordan - Kuwait - Russia – Syria – Turkey.

Since 2009 our brands are present in international fairs in Berlin, Russia and Egipt.

Our rapid growth in export volumes has reaffirmed our staff in knowing that “Team work engaged with excellence” brings excellent fruit.



Vision, mission and values

Vision: Positioning our brands in different international markets, creating an image of quality, service and reliability in the customer or client.

Mission: Generating more worthy and just jobs in Ecuador improving our employees' social and financial standard with excellent working stability, supporting their intellectual development with continuous training, creating values for our clients and suppliers to offer the word´s best bananas.

Values: Honesty, loyalty, unity, transparency and professionalism.

Our aim is to become the exporter's and client's best option, guaranteeing that values of sustainability are applied in each stage of production and trade. This way, we are strengthened to be an engine for social wellbeing, fulfilling exporter´s expectations, creating recognition of our fruit and its differentiation in quality.




Ecuador is a banana country par excellence, climate conditions and soil are ideal to produce the word´s best bananas; know our main markets:

Albania – Saudi Arabia – Argentina – Egypt – Slovenia – United States – Holland – Jordan - Kuwait - Russia – Turkey - Koper- Georgia - Iraq - Montenegro