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Banana is a fruit rich in carbohydrates and fiber; micronutrients most found in bananas are potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and folic acid, each of them have important functions in our body; they are an ideal complement for growing children and sportspeople due to its nutritional value.



Conventional Banana


Our companies Banacalm, Frutical and Tecniagrex export first quality green conventional Cavendish Banana variety throughout the year; we are producers, this way we can make a careful selection of bananas among our brands for export.

All our products are delivered according to the most strict quality controls which are certified by Global G.A.P. which guarantees producers commitment to social and environmental causes.

Conventional bananas are available in 13,5 kg or 19,00 kg boxes which are normally vacuum packed or polypacked, depending on the client´s destination or requirements.



Organic Banana


What is organic?

Organic farming are fertilizer and chemical pesticide free food production systems; soil is nourished and plagues are fought respectively, giving way to natural fertilizers and selection of species that adjust to local conditions.

Traditional and scientific knowledge is added to agriculture practice to satisfy consumers nutrition and health needs, it also benefits the environment avoiding contamination during the various processes of production, allowing soil regeneration, minimizing environmental impact of production.

Our company Agrícola Krasnaya S.A., owns 500 acres of Organic Banana, located in vía Santa Elena, 1 hour from Guayaquil harbour.

At the moment our production amounts to 20.000 boxes per week approximately, sent to the United States, Sweden and Russia. 350 employees cooperate in our plantation, they are constantly trained to carry out their functions, this way contributing to social and economic development.







Organic Certification


Our production of Organic Banana is certified and committed to social, environmental responsibility, our soil and waters are virgin and treated with ecological, nature friendly and totally organic products (bacteria, organic fertilizers, etc). Sowing, growing, processes and reaping are looked after with high technology and audited with Certificates BCS KIWA , Global Gap and we are in the process of obtaining the Fair Trade.

We develop different packagings like banded, banded per pound, cluster bag, labelled cluster bag or 19 kg boxes packages or as the client requests us.

Our quality supervisors are currently working hard on regular residue sampling, complete traceability and strict control during each and every stage of the supply chain, all of which assure that bananas fulfill our clients and organic certification requirements.




Environmental Impact Study


The Bananera Agro&Sol estate, belonging to the company Agrícola Krasnaya S.A. aware of the importance of preserving the natural environment and respecting environmental standards continuously, presents the Environmental Impact Study and Environmental Management Plan in its Phases of Operation, Maintenance and Abandonment, complying with current environmental regulations and good agricultural practices , preserving, improving and socializing the different activities proposed.